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About Altruist

Altruist is the CDMO with the largest number of batches commercially produced in China, focusing on the development and commercial manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals including antibodies, fusion proteins, ADCs, cell and gene therapies products. Altruist is committed to "helping customers develop high-quality biopharmaceuticals that are affordable to ordinary people around the world" and is your trustworthy strategic partner.

We provide customized process development and manufacturing services, from DNA sequence construction to commercial production, to help our customers successfully overcome the challenges of CMC regulatory compliance. We have accumulated a wealth of successful experience in the fields of Antibodies/Fusion Proteins and Cell and Gene Therapy and we are committed to providing best-in-class, cost-effective and reliable services by applying our expertise and utilizing our international standard facilities to meet our client's requirements.

Why choose Altruist ?

We have broad capabilities, professional technical team, and advanced facilities that enable us to provide support in every stage of drug development lifecycle. Whether you would like to work together on a complete gene to IND development program, or a complete BLA program including commercial manufacturing, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. Our service offerings can help solve potential CMC issue and accelerate the implementation of your strategy

  • 4 commercialized antibody products launched domesticly and globally

    700+ batches consistently manufactured

    100% commercial production success rate

  • 60KL in operation: 6*1KL SUB, 3KL SSB

    50 L perfusion production line, 500 L perfusion production line is under construction

    172KL under construction: 6*2KL SUB,  20KL SSB

    Drug product filling capacity: 45,000K vials per year, 15,000K pre-filled syringes per year

  • Compliant to FDA, EMA and NMPA quality standards.

    Successfully passed 40+ national and international audits
    EMA QP

  • DS: Titer ~10g/L and yield ~80%

    DP: Vial ( Liquid & Lyo), PFS, AIMNC

  • NMPA IND: 30+, FDA IND / EMA IMPD: 10+,TGA EC: 3+

    NMPA NDA: 8, FDA BLA: 1

    Post-approved changes: 10

  • Management of 100+ projects at different development stages

    Enabled to accelerated marketing authorization of 8 products

    Completion from DNA sequence to clinical sample preparation within 9 months

Our service scope
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Business Cooperation

Altruist provides high-quality services to global biopharmaceutical companies and drug R&D institutions. We are actively working with strategic partners and industry experts to explore more possibilities in the medicine field. Through our joint efforts, we will accelerate the pace of future medical breakthroughs that will transform the lives of patients and create a better future together.

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